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6 powerful reasons you should give to charity instead of giving Christmas gifts this year

19 November 2019

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Christmas is a time of giving and generosity. It’s about gathering with your loved ones to celebrate, reflect and spend quality time together.

No matter how you and your loved ones choose to celebrate Christmas, gift giving will often play a major role in your celebrations. Christmas gifts are given as a sign of gratitude and thankfulness and as a celebration.

This year, you have the power to make Christmas that bit more memorable and special by giving a loved one a charity donation in lieu of a Christmas gift.

A charity donation to an organisation is more than just a Christmas gift, your charity gift will make life changing impact to those people who need it most.

In this blog, we have put together 6 reasons why you should donate to charity instead of giving Christmas presents this year. Read on!

1. Practice the spirit of Christmas and give back to those who need it

Amongst all of the excitement and celebrations surrounding Christmas, often the charitable meaning can be lost. One important part of Christmas is giving back to those in need.

Last year, Australians collectively spent $25 billion on Christmas celebrations. During this time of generosity, Australians are looking to buy tangible presents for their loved ones, the sad fact is that these gifts will eventually end up in landfill. However, when you purchase a charitable gift, this gift will have never-ending positive effects on people who need support.

2. Personalise your gift and make it meaningful

Personalised, meaningful gifts are always the best presents. This year for Christmas, if you know someone who has someone close to them that is on the autism spectrum or is passionate about the cause, show them you care by donating to Aspect.

This gift will be close to their heart and you can be sure they will love it. A charitable gift from Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) will give them a sense of satisfaction that they are actively helping people on the spectrum to access the support they deserve.

3. Receive the tax benefits of giving to charity at Christmas time

Giving to charity at Christmas is the perfect time for you to get prepared and boost your tax return by reducing your taxable income. All donations that are $2 or more are tax deductible.

If you would like to be tax savvy this Christmas you can buy charity gifts to help you financially when June 30th rolls around. This is the time of year Australians spend the most money, so why not make it benefit you in the long run.

4. Make your Christmas gift unique from the rest

Often at Christmas, it is the same gifts that you are buying your loved ones. Research found that money or gift cards were the most common type of present Australians purchase as Christmas gifts followed by food and alcohol and then tech/gadgets.

This year, step out of the box and buy your loved one a unique gift such as a charity donation that they will truly remember for many years to come.

5. Buy a charity gift online and make it convenient for you

Gift shopping during Christmas time can be chaotic in shopping centres, with the crowds, the queues and the noise.

However, Charity gifts are easily accessible online and can be purchased in just a few minutes without you having to leave the house. This saves you the hassle of having to beat the crowds at the shopping centre to buy your loved ones Christmas gifts.

6. Give a life changing gift to help people on the autism spectrum access the support they deserve

An estimated 1 in 70 people in Australia are on the autism spectrum. The prevalence rate of autism has increased by 40% since 2014. This Christmas, you can provide support to those people living on the autism spectrum. At Aspect, we help people on the spectrum access opportunities to realise their unique potential. We also support families, carers, friends and colleagues of those living on the autism spectrum.

Change lives this Christmas by buying your Christmas gifts with Aspect

This Christmas, make a charitable donation in lieu of Christmas gifts to help people living on the spectrum access the support they deserve. To learn more about how we help, visit our how we can help page.

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