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Without specialised, tailored support, children like Max are at risk of being isolated and excluded throughout life.

Children on the autism spectrum have different ways of seeing the world and different ways of learning. They may struggle to understand when other people communicate with them and may not have the skills to respond.

They are often misunderstood and underestimated, missing out on the chance to connect and contribute. This can affect their confidence, self-esteem and opportunities throughout life.

Max had always been an alert and responsive baby, interested in the world around him. But at the age of two, he suddenly stopped engaging. He even stopped speaking, and retreated into his own world. Things started to become clearer when Max was diagnosed on the autism spectrum six months later.

Although the diagnosis provided some direction, his parents, Kellie and Adam, were worried that Max may never be accepted for who he was and that he would be isolated and excluded throughout life.

Autism Spectrum Australia’s (Aspect) therapy and education programs are designed to ensure that this doesn’t happen. But we can’t help children like Max without you by our side.

Right now, our programs are facing unprecedented demand, with more and more families coming to us in urgent need of support.

Please, give a kind gift today and help us expand our services, giving more children on the autism spectrum a chance to learn and build vital life skills that will help them connect with the world around them.

When Kellie and Adam heard about Aspect, their concerns for Max’s future started to fade.

“We saw at once that Aspect was exactly what Max needed: a place where he would be welcomed, accepted and supported to learn the skills he needed to live his best life possible…I hope one day more children have the opportunity to attend a school like this.” - Kellie, Max’s mum.

Max has made amazing progress since he started at his Aspect school. Sarah, Max’s teacher built up a trusting, nurturing relationship with him. Working alongside our expert occupational therapist and a speech therapist, Sarah focused on developing Max’s communication. He’s learnt how to use specialist computer programs on his iPad, to express what he wants or how he feels.

Where Max was once isolated from his loving family, he is now building relationships with his mum, dad, brother and sister. They can better relate to him too as they have new ways to communicate and connect.

There is a long way to go before we create a world where every child on the spectrum receives the support they need to flourish, but that’s why we must work together to get there

So please, give now to support our crucial education and support programs. Your kind donation could help ensure that children like Max don’t get left out – and that no-one on the autism spectrum gets left behind.

Charity Number/ABN: 12 000 637 267

“Max is enjoying the company of his family a lot more. For the first time at Christmas, we went on a family holiday with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins too…This was a big step for Adam and I to go somewhere new where we didn’t know how Max would react. Overall Max absolutely loved the trip!”

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