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In memorial

If you've lost a loved one, a memorial gift is a wonderful way to remember them and build something for the future in their name. You might like to make a gift as a tribute or as an alternative to flowers at a funeral. We want to make it as easy as possible so you can pick from four ways to donate in memory of someone you love:

1. We can send out envelopes for a funeral or memorial service

Call us on 1800 288 476 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We can send you envelopes which can be distributed to funeral or wake guests, so they can insert a cheque, cash or make a credit card tax deductible donation to Aspect in memory of their loved one.

2. Make a donation online

Click here to donate. We’ll send you a tax receipt and if you would like a card to the family or friend who was closest to the individual. Remember to write the person’s name and select ‘In Memory of’ in the ‘Tribute Details’ section of the donation form.

3. Create an online memory page

Click here to set up an online page in memory of your loved one so people can make donations and leave a special message.

4. Call us

If you’d like to make a donation over the phone then please call us on 1800 AUTISM (288 476).

In Celebration

Are you getting married, or celebrating a birthday? Would you like to honour a new birth, anniversary or another occasion in a priceless and unique way?

To celebrate your special moment why not create a personalised fundraising page! Click on the button below and you can select the page type that most suits your celebration. You can then share your page URL with your friends and family, on social media or at work and help support people and families living with autism.

Contact our Fundraising team

For general fundraising enquiries,

Call 1800 288 476

Send us a message and we'll get back to you.

Enquire with Autism Spectrum Australia